Transsmart DoBooking - Issue 'Request not understood'


By changing the Transport Location, the incident is solved. Thanks for your attention.


At the moment, some of the users of Transsmart DoBooking are facing issues. The DoBookings are flagged for an error, in the response message it says: 'Request not understood'

To solve this issue, please adjust the transportation location of the affected message type, from to

The cause of these errors is an Infrastructure Update on Production by Transsmart (for more details, check

The update by Transsmart has only affected the 'old' XML-messaging for this integration. The Transsmart Integration via API and DataHub is NOT affected by that update. If you are using API/DataHub or if you are not receiving Error messages for Transsmart, there is no need for action.

Would you need help to solve the issue, please reach out to our Support Team

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