Performance degradation


The incident has been successfully resolved by Microsoft. Thank you for your understanding and patience throughout.

Root Cause: A problem was detected by the load balancer, which appropriately redirected traffic. After a node restart, the issue was rectified. Extensive checks have been conducted on the node, ensuring its current healthy state to mitigate any potential future occurrences.

Should you continue to experience any difficulties, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team, referencing your ticket. We're here to assist you further.


We've identified another issue, and Microsoft is actively working to resolve it.

Yesterday's root cause: The load balancer detected an issue and redirected traffic accordingly. Following a node restart, the problem was swiftly resolved. The node has undergone thorough checks and is now in a healthy state to prevent future occurrences.

However, it appears that similar problems have surfaced on existing and different nodes. Microsoft is currently investigating to find a solution.


Performance is back to normal in all affected environments. We will close the incident. We will also keep monitoring the situation and will attach the RCA report once provided by Microsoft.


While working with Microsoft on reproducing the issue, we noticed that all environments are responding faster. We believe the services are restoring and we will keep monitoring the situation.


Several of our customers reported performance degradation in their Microsoft Cloud Business Central environment. We have reported this issue to Microsoft and we received a confirmation that the engineering team has been engaged. We will keep you informed as soon as we have any developments.

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