Transsmart - Generic intermittent booking error 'Transformer 2 component was not correctly initialised'


The incident has been resolved. Thanks for your patience.


Update from Transsmart:

A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.


Dear Customers please see below message regarding the Transsmart-API message:

Since this morning 8:33h we're seeing a generic booking error trigger intermittently. This is the error you can see when trying to book shipments:

Transformer 2 component was not correctly initialised: config=TransformerConfigImpl [id=5120, nameId=554, routerId=2258, name=upa-booking, version=1.2.5, status=PROD, type=POOLED, createOutput=true, returnInput=false, debug=true, caching=false,, method=..., intermediate=false, uploadDate=Thu Jan 11 08:27:43 CET 2024, arguments=[TransformerArgumentImpl [id=16090, type=java.lang.String, value=null, details=tbox_operational, paramKey=ts.dbname, paramValu

The issue is located on our side. We are attempting to solve this as soon as possible and will comment here when the issue is solved.

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