Several Microsoft Cloud customers cannot login into Business Central or the environment is not responding


We have received the root cause analysis from Microsoft:

The issue was caused by transient instability, which was resolved by the automation that we have in place to address such situations. The affected environments have now recovered.

We have taken the necessary steps, including changes in the back-end of our infrastructure, in order to mitigate the issue at hand and minimize the chances of it occurring in the future as well.


The issue has been resolved with no observed degradation. Microsoft is currently conducting an investigation to determine the underlying cause. The results of this analysis will be added to this record.


We have not yet received an official update from Microsoft regarding the issue.

However, we have observed that the impacted environments have recovered automatically. Users are now able to log into Business Central and the environments are responding as expected.

We will provide further updates as soon as we receive additional information from Microsoft.


We are experiencing an issue where Microsoft Cloud customers are unable to log into Business Central. Additionally, the Business Central environment is not responding for those who are already logged in.

This issue started today, July 3, 2024, at 10:15 AM and is currently affecting only several SaaS environments.

We have reported the issue to Microsoft and are waiting for updates. We will keep all affected parties informed of any progress and provide updates as soon as we receive more information from Microsoft support.

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